Our Board

Leslie Kent

School Director and Founder

Leslie Kent holds a Graduate Certificate from SMU and a B.S. from KSU. She founded Trinity Prep in 2008 after asking God to guide her in creating an educational solution for her youngest son that would maintain his home-centered education but afford him group learning opportunities with other students and skilled teachers. The result was Trinity Prep, the first College-Style School®, offering a core academic program for students K-12. Leslie homeschooled her three children for 15 years. Her youngest son was part of Trinity Prep’s first graduating class of May, 2014, but Leslie continues to serve Trinity Prep as School Director.

Arnold Torres

Board Member

Arnold Torres is the Chief Financial Officer for Daystar Television Network, and has been employed by Daystar since 2001. As CFO, Arnold oversees the legal and financial aspects of a Daystar’s domestic and international ministry, which broadcasts into 680 million home worldwide, to more than 200 countries, and reaches out to more than 1 million callers per year to the prayer ministry phone line. His responsibilities also include oversight of Accounting, Human Resources and Prayer departments. Additionally, Arnold’s work experience includes 15 years of experience as a commercial lender, as well as owning a financial staffing and consulting firm.

Holding a double degree in Accounting and Finance from Texas A&M University, Arnold’s experience is a valuable asset to Trinity Prep’s Board. He and his wife Angela have five children, three of whom have attended Trinity Prep, including two currently enrolled; the Torres family has had a student enrolled at Trinity Prep since 2008. Arnold is pleased to serve on Trinity Prep’s Board and offer his experience in managing finances and budgets for a ministry.

Kevin Freeman

Board Member

Kevin Freeman holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics, and is CEO of Freeman Global Holdings, an investment firm. Kevin Freeman is a NY Times bestselling author and considered one of the world’s leading experts on the issues of Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism. His research has been presented in critical DoD studies and he has been asked to brief or present to the FBI, DIA, ONA, SEC, Naval War College, HASC, Naval Postgraduate School, DARPA, IARPA, and a host of government agencies tasked with protecting America. He has briefed multiple members of both the House and Senate as well as several of the Presidential candidates.

Kevin is Founder of the NSIC Institute (housed at Oklahoma Wesleyan University); a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy; a Contributing Editor to The Counter Terrorist magazine; Trustee at Oklahoma Wesleyan University; and a member of the Advisory Board of Liberty Institute. His bestselling books include Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism took Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Could Happen Again and Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself From the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack. Kevin’s daughters have been at Trinity Prep for four years and he is glad for the opportunity to serve Trinity Prep as a Board member.