Eureka Harris | Administrative Director
April 12, 2017

Claire Bancroft earned her B.A. of English from Indiana University. She joined Trinity Prep in 2017 as Student Affairs Director and moved to the role of Assistant School Director before becoming our School Director in July of 2019. Claire has 17 years of homeschooling experience and a background working as a consultant to families seeking educational alternatives. She has experience as a manager of customer care and inside sales for a local corporation. She served 7 years as a board member and communications manager for a homeschool athletics program and 4 years as a board member for a homeschool support group.

Claire has been married to Steve for 30 years. They are blessed with three young adult children and a new daughter-in-law. Her children all graduated from private Christian universities, receiving academic and athletic scholarships. Claire desires to support and encourage families to succeed in their educational goals. She is honored and excited to be a part of Trinity Prep assisting students, teachers, and parents in fulfilling the plans God has for each student!

Claire Bancroft | Director