Core Plus Program

Our Core Plus Programs offer two important options:

Completion of all required credits towards graduation beyond the Core credits.

Ability to customize your child’s education according to his/her strengths, interests and goals.

In addition to credits earned in our Core Program, high school students need to earn credits in:

Fine Arts

Foreign Language (including Computer Programming)


Electives – important to customizing the high school experience.

Three ways our students can customize and complete their education – and their transcripts:

On-Campus Core Plus

Classes we offer on campus, generally on Fridays.  This year these included Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Journalism, Shop, and AP English.

Off-Campus Core Plus Partners

Local organizations who partner with us to offer courses for extra-curricula or high school credits in Visual Arts, Choir, Band (all Fine Arts credits); Speech & Debate; and Team Sports (football, volleyball, baseball and more).

Online Core Plus Courses

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, we will partner with an established provider of online courses for Christian schools.  Students will be able to enroll in additional core classes, electives, AP courses that more specifically prepare for the AP exam, and Dual Credit courses at six Christian colleges.  Online courses are a significant component of college programs, so our Online Core Plus Courses give our students experience in that format, as well as providing a broader range of courses.