Dual Credit Tracks

Trinity Prep students have two Dual Credit Tracks they can follow to earn college credit, just as would any full-time public or private school student.  Our Dual Credit Tracks are:

1. AP or CLEP tests.
2. Online Courses from one of our partner colleges.

Dual Credit for high schoolers is somewhat complicated, but we can give you a brief ‘tour’ of the dual credit landscape in America today, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Also, scroll down to read the experiences of a few of our Trinity Prep students with the AP and CLEP test option.

AP or CLEP Tests

Each year the College Board offers AP exams at the end of the school year, and CLEP exams year-round. Each of these tests are designed to award college credit to students for subject knowledge they achieve in high school (or in the “school of life”).


● These tests MAY yield college credit, but what credits are awarded is solely the decision of each college or university. They vary widely. The College Board cannot guarantee college credit.

● These tests CAN substantiate your transcript, absolutely. Such outside verification can be very important in preparing a transcript for more competitive colleges.

● Less expensive than a college online course.

● Will distinguish your student’s high school transcript with passing AP or CLEP test scores; this demonstrates your student’s academic diligence.

● Our students do not need to enroll in an additional course; the Trinity Prep course provides a foundation for the test content. View which tests align with which of our courses here. Additional test prep is important but is an adjunct to our course and flexibly scheduled.

Unlike a course in which your student is enrolled with a specific college, credit can NOT be guaranteed at the college of his/her choice. AP and CLEP are widely recognized for college credits; all state of Texas schools accept at least some tests scores and many accept ALL AP and CLEP passing scores for credit.


Both AP and CLEP tests can be taken by your Trinity Prep student, and s/he can prepare for many of them via Trinity Prep courses. Some SAT Subject Tests can also yield college credit – again, depending upon the college. Every year, diligent Trinity Prep students sit for AP or CLEP exams and earn college credit.
Whether or not these test scores will provide college credit, they WILL absolutely provide outside verification of your student’s transcript. Although public and private full-time schools offer “AP classes,” the class is NOT what yields the college credit. AP and CLEP are tests. You may prepare for those tests in any way you wish.

Trinity Prep students with an A average in class and a willingness to put in extra time studying can study for the AP or CLEP test, work hard for the Trinity Prep class, sit for the test, and earn college credit with a passing score. It is a test.

Online Courses

Some of our high school students take online courses offered by colleges with whom we have partnered. We are adding college partners regularly, but our current list includes LeTourneau University, Oklahoma Wesleyan, and Cedarville University, to name a few.


● Guaranteed college credit for a passing grade for the course, at that college/university.

● The experience of taking an online course. Online courses are becoming a larger segment of college life.

● Pacing and assignments are set by the course; the student does not need to manage self-study for a test.

● Credit may not be awarded by colleges other than the one offering the course.

● Cost is higher than the AP or CLEP fees. Test fees are approximately $125, whereas college tuition for a course is $500-700.

Read below for just a few of the stories from the many Trinity Prep students who have earned college credit via AP or CLEP testing.


Will K.

Will graduated from Trinity Prep in 2014, enrolled in Civil Engineering at UT-Arlington, and graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2018. While at UTA he CLEP’d out of three courses, based on his History courses with Mrs. Lemley. He received college credit for U.S. History, Western Civilization, and American Government. Will was grateful to Mrs. Lemley for preparing him so well while he was still in high school that he tested out of three Humanities courses in college!

Seth C.

Seth graduated from Trinity Prep in 2018. While at Trinity Prep, Seth CLEP’d out of U.S. History, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, U.S. History II and Western Civ. He also passed the English Lit and Physics I tests. Seth is enrolled at Abilene Christian University on a full scholarship, as a recipient of over $130,000 in scholarship offers.

Lucy M.

Lucy earned almost a full semester of college credits – 12 hours – through her CLEP exams in U.S. History; American Government; English Composition I and English Composition II. Her coursework at Trinity Prep in our high school History and English classes prepared her well for these CLEP exams. Lucy is a student at Howard Payne University.

Madysen F.

Madysen took the AP U.S. History test last year and scored a 4 out of 5. “For me, the most valuable resource in taking the AP test was Mrs. Lemley’s U.S. History class. Not only did she help us prepare for the test in her class, but she also made learning the material engaging and fun. On the AP test day, another Trinity Prep student and I both finished every test section early and felt confident in our answers. After finishing the test, he and I agreed that Mrs. Lemley’s class was our most helpful study tool to prepare for the exam. I would highly recommend taking any AP or CLEP tests after completing classes at Trinity Prep.”

Valerie M.

Valerie sat for the English Literature and Composition exam and received college credit for her score of 4 (out of 5). Valerie’s education path took her from our classical, college-prep school to a classical university! Valerie is enrolled at the University of Dallas in Irving. She credits Trinity Prep with training her in skills she relies upon in college, specifically the ability to think critically and to question assumptions.