Interested in teaching, or supporting our teachers?  Understand our mission?  Consider applying to join our team! At present, we have several positions open for parents who wish to earn a salary in order to pay for tuition.  All positions require a Bachelor’s degree, and preferably, teaching or administrative experience.


We have the following teaching positions open for the 18-19 school year:

Science Teacher (4 days, Mon-Thurs)

Math Teacher (4 days, Mon-Thurs)

Elementary General Staff (2 days, Mon/Wed)

Middle and High School General Staff (2 days, Mon/Wed)

Science Assistant (2 days, Mon/Wed)

Science Assistant (2 days, Tues/Thurs)

Science Teaching Assistant (4 days, Mon-Thurs)


We have the following administrative positions open for the 18-19 school year:

Administrative Director  (4 days, Mon-Thurs, year-round)


Salaries are based upon the hours required for each position.  Hours vary from 12 hours per week to 30 hours per week, depending upon the teaching assignment or admin position.  We have no full-time positions and thus no full-time salaries.  Salaries range from $11,000 to $29,000.

All open positions are listed on Indeed.com under Trinity Preparatory Academy.  Applicants may apply here OR by emailing our School Director at leslie.kent@trinityprepkeller.org.  Please follow all instructions included in the job posting.