Family Commitments

A College Style School, such as Trinity Prep, is unique. It is unique in offering a top-notch, college-prep, engaging education for an affordable price. It is unique in allowing flexible customization of your child’s learning environment, as needed. It is unique as a partnership between the family and the school. Our students graduate ready for the next season of pursuing their destiny in Christ.

We want to make sure you understand the commitment that you, the parent, are making upon entering this partnership. The rewards are great, but are entirely predicated upon a full commitment by our parents to this partnership.

Trinity Prep provides you with an educational plan – we select the curricula, we design the scope and sequence of each course, we assign the at-home work weekly, we grade your student’s work and provide valuable feedback. Most importantly, all of our teachers pledge to model Christ to your students and to mentor them both academically and spiritually, coming alongside parents in equipping their children to serve God.

Parent Commitments:
You will ensure your student has TIME in his/her schedule to complete at-home assignments.
You will ensure your student has a place to study that is conducive to learning.
You will closely monitor your student’s work.
You will help your student learn good study habits.

If you are the parent of a younger student, you commit to teach the at-home portion of the content. Our teachers will show you how to do so.

If you are the parent of an older student, you will see him/her develop increasing independence and the ability to interact with our curricular resources independently of you. This ability to learn independently is one of our goals – to produce lifelong learners who are critical readers and logical thinkers.

You commit to carefully read and note ALL COMMUNICATION from the school.  These include emails from teachers, weekly “Campus Connection” newsletters, and gradebook updates from FACTS.

You commit to communicate to our teachers and staff any needed information about your student. This includes any questions you or your student have about assignments. You commit to seek clarification promptly so your student may work correctly upon assignments.

You commit to tuition payment for an entire semester.  Unlike many schools that require a full year commitment, Trinity Prep only requires a semester and permits monthly payment of tuition.  We ask that you understand the importance of this commitment to our teachers.

You commit to pray for your student, for the class experience, for a God-honoring environment that brings all of our students closer to Jesus, and for the teachers and staff.  We commit to pray for you.