High School 9th-12th Grades

In a College-Style School® such as Trinity Prep, high school students are referred to as Rhetoric level students.  “Rhetoric,” in classical education, is the ability to articulate and defend one’s views. The goal of Trinity Prep’s Rhetoric-level courses is to equip our teens to think critically, analyze information, compare it to the plumbline of their worldview (formed in concert with their parents), and decide upon their response to that information or views.  In short, we want to equip students to think independently, and identify Truth and Wisdom in this overloaded Information Age.

In grades 9-12 students who take the Core Program will earn five credits each year. The fifth credit is folded into our History programs where students will earn speech, logic, geography or worldview credits, depending on their grade level.

Rhetoric Course Sequence by Subject:


  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

In the state of Texas, students need four math credits, but may stop at Algebra 2 by including a Math Applications course their junior year.


  • Biology
  • Earth & Space Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


  • World History with Speech and Logic
  • Western Civilization with World Geography
  • American History with US Geography
  • Government and Economics with Apologetics/Worldviews


  • Ancient Literature, and Speech/Communications
  • British Literature
  • American Literature
  • World Literature

All courses include writing instruction and grammar review.

Students earn a total of 20 credits through our two-day Core Program.  The remaining six credits are earned through our Core Plus Program and Partners, and students choose from a variety of course options.

The six credits earned via Core Plus Partners:
2 credits – Foreign Language
1 credit – Fine Arts – music, art, drama/theatre
1 credit – Sports/PE
2 credit – Additional electives

See our Core Plus page for more information.

Rhetoric Course Sequence by Level:


All Math course will use the online math program by ALEKS in a math lab with a dedicated math instructor available to help students when needed.


Biology, Chemistry and Physics use A Beka Book texts, written from a Creator-Designed worldview.

Earth & Space Science uses a CK12 online text.

Rhetoric 1:  Biology
Rhetoric 2:  Earth & Space Science
Rhetoric 3:  Chemistry
Rhetoric 4:  Physics


English courses earn 1 credit.  Our History courses provide TWO credits, with some additional work by the student.

Rhetoric 1:

  • Ancient Literature and Essay Writing
  • World History – Ancients through Middle Ages
  • Logic, Communications.

Rhetoric 2:

  • British Literature and Literary Analysis
  • Western Civilization – Middle Ages through Modern
  • World Geography

Rhetoric 3:

  • American Literature and Creative Writing
  • US History, US Geography

Rhetoric 4:

  • World Literature and Senior Research Paper
  • Government & Economics,  Apologetics/Worldviews


Ancient Literature, and Speech/Communications

  • British Literature; American Literature
  • World Literature.

All courses include writing instruction and grammar review.

Five total credits can be earned each year in partnership with Trinity Prep.

For additional information contact the Director: leslie.kent@trinityprepkeller.org

Graduation Credits

High School Graduation Requirements

At Trinity Prep, and at any College-Style School® (CSS), the student’s education is a partnership between school and family. The state of Texas legally recognizes Trinity Prep families as homeschoolers, and our families enjoy the freedoms associated with that status.  Trinity Prep families are free to make educational decisions for their children without state testing, state reporting, or state mandates for curricula, class hours, or other requirements.

Trinity Prep’s role is to provide course content that meets state or national standards.  The content of all of our Core Courses in Logic and Rhetoric levels is on par with with full-time public and private schools.

Trinity Prep students earn five credits each year of high school, for a total for a total of 20 credits.   The Texas Recommended Graduation Plan for high school students requires 26 credits, including:
4 in English
4 in Math
4 in Science
4 in Social Studies (Humanities)
0.5 Speech
All of the above are earned by Trinity Prep students in Rhetoric 1 – 4 levels.

Additional Credits Offered by Trinity Prep, for a total of 20 credits:

1.0 Western Civilization
1.0 US Geography
0.5 Logic
1.0 Worldview/Apologetics

Credits that Trinity Prep students will need for their transcript, in addition to Trinity Prep credits:

2 credits in Foreign Language
1 credits in Fine Arts
1 credits in PE
2 credits in various electives

for a total of six credits that must be earned in addition to our Core Program.  Some of these additional credits are available in our Friday Enrichment Program.
View the Table of High School Credits for an overview of the 20 credits within the Core Program.

Dual Credit Options

Trinity Prep students can earn dual credit for college;  they have the same opportunity to earn dual credit through AP, CLEP, and SAT II Subject Tests as any high school student.All Trinity Prep high school courses are college prep.  However, we offer an Honors track for students who wish to prepare specifically for dual credit testing at the end of the course.For the college-bound student, it is critical that he or she consider taking high school classes that can yield dual credit through testing, for three reasons:

  1. Many colleges will award credit for qualifying AP or CLEP test scores.
  2. An AP or CLEP test score provides independent validation of the student’s transcript.
  3. Including these AP/CLEP scores on a student’s transcript and college application demonstrates the student’s superior effort, commitment, and college-readiness.

Whether dual credit will be accepted at colleges for credit is a complex topic.  Colleges have full discretion on whether to award credit at their institution for community college classes or AP/CLEP test results.  (The exception is State schools: they must accept state community college credits.)  Many do, but many don’t.  Even colleges which offer credit for dual credit courses will not necessarily offer any credit within the student’s chosen degree program.  The credit will be considered an elective.

At Trinity Prep, we recommend college-bound students study for dual credit tests.  Trinity Prep provides high school planning guidance through each year of high school to assist students and parents in choosing the best options to prepare for the future.

For additional information on dual credit options at Trinity Prep, contact the School Director:  leslie.kent@mgatx.org.