High School • 9th-12th Grades







In a College-Style School®, the goal of high school courses is to equip our teens to think critically, analyze information, compare it to their worldview (formed in concert with their parents), and decide upon their response.  In short, we want to encourage our students to think independently, while identifying truth and wisdom in this overloaded information age.

Students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in the Core Program will earn five credits each year.  The fifth credit is folded into our History programs where students will earn speech, logic, geography, or worldview credits, depending on their grade level.

Trinity Prep students have the option to earn dual credit for college. There are two tracks to dual credit: courses available on campus (vary by year) and AP/CLEP test. For more information on current dual credit offerings, please contact admissions@trinityprepkeller.org.

For more information on course sequencing and graduation requirements, please contact our school director, Claire Bancroft, at claire.bancroft@trinityprepkeller.org