Learning Lab

Learning Lab is a proctored Study Hall.  It is staffed at all times by a Staff member who will guide the students in adhering to their work schedule, to their break/lunch schedule, and to an environment conducive to schoolwork (quiet, orderly).  At the beginning of the day, the proctor will review the student’s assignments for the day with them and assist in planning the day’s schedule, as needed.  Our Staff is present to ensure a good working environment and to help students stay on task, but our staff cannot provide individual subject-specific tutoring.  LL is, however, a great option for a student needing a supervised study environment.  Many parents cannot provide that at home (for instance, if both parents work outside the home) so LL is a good option for those families.  With LL enrollment, a student can be on campus four days per week.

At the beginning of each Learning Lab day, our LLC collaborates with the student to identify:

  1. The assignments due, and prioritizes them appropriately
  2. The resources needed to complete the assignments, and how the student would access those (i.e, texts, websites, worksheets, lab manuals, etc.)
  3. The goals for that Learning Lab day

During the course of the Learning Lab, the LLC monitors student progress.

Students take regular breaks, including Lunch break (11:50am – 12:25pm)

In the last hour of Learning Lab, the LLC reviews the student’s progress through the day’s assignments and communicates to parents the status of those assignments: Complete; In-progress long-term; Need completion at-home. Parents thus know which assignments, if any, need to be completed later that day.

The student must come to LL with his/her assignments for the day printed out for reference by the student and LLC.  Together they will use these teacher assignments to plan the student’s schedule for the day.  The student in LL has four 70 min. work periods, with a 15-minute break after the first and third work periods, and a 35-minute lunch break after the second work period.  The fourth work period ends at 3:10, the end of the school day.

Parents or the Education Specialist must communicate to the LLC any approved modifications or exemptions to Trinity Prep assignments. If none have been communicated, the LLC assumes the student is responsible for ALL assigned work, and on the assigned due date.

Learning Lab is available for students in 6th grade and above, as it requires the ability to work independently with Trinity Prep curricula.