The Parents’ Role


Trinity Prep provides structure and access to group-centered learning while allowing each family to maintain a home-centered education.  A Trinity Prep education is a collaborative one.  Teachers provide worthwhile classroom activities based upon solid curriculum and proven classroom practices.  Our school environment complements the student’s individual efforts at home.  Parents facilitate the at-home work. A successful collaboration, where both entities fulfill their educational​ roles, results in an excellent, Christ-centered process of spiritually and academically equipping our students.
Our Philosophy and Structure page outlines Trinity Prep’s educational role and commitments to you, the parent.

The Parents’ Role:
For a successful partnership, parents must commit to:

  • Before the school year begins, purchase all curricula and supplies and become familiar with the curricula your student will use.
  • Before the school year begins, learn how to navigate FACTS. This school management system is where parents will obtain course information, assignments, class handouts, school announcements, grades, and school directory.
  • Attend Family Orientation Night and one Parent Academy session.
  • Carefully read all school communication, including the weekly newsletter, teacher emails, director and staff information, and announcements. Calendar all dates and parental responsibilities (parent assignments).
  • Read FACTS every week to obtain assignments, updates, and announcements; and to check grades.
  • Instruct your younger students per teacher instructions; monitor your older students who study and access our curricula independently (generally, in 6th grade and above).
  • Check EVERY assignment for completion to the best of the child’s ability.
  • Compare your student’s work with the assignment and direct him/her to complete or correct as needed.
  • Check the student’s backpack and binders the night before Class Day to ensure they have all assignments ready to submit to teachers.
  • Help your child develop independence and responsibility by reinforcing Trinity Prep’s organization methods and routines.
  • Communicate with the teacher anything he or she needs to know about your child. This includes but is not limited to learning challenges/differences; health issues (chronic and acute); family or relational issues that may impact your child’s ability to study at home; previous experiences that color their view of school. We can believe together and pray together for your child to fully receive God’s grace, wisdom, and healing as needed, but Trinity Prep cannot know about an issue unless it is communicated to us.
  • Assignment modifications and accommodations can be made by utilizing the services of our Education Specialist. For additional information, visit Additional Educational Services.
  • Speak encouragement to your child, reminding him/her that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7. If we speak doubtfully about our abilities or our children’s abilities in academic subjects, our children hear and receive that. Speak power, love, and sound (strong!) mind to your child.