Philosophy and Structure

Trinity Prep provides families with a Christ-centered educational alternative
that is a true collaboration between home and school.

Who Are We and How Does it Work?

Students attend one of our two-day Core Programs, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Fridays are reserved for additional enrichment and various elective courses.  On the remaining weekdays, students study at home with their parents or independently in our Learning Lab (grades 6-12). The two-day Core Program offers classes in the four core subjects: science, history/geography, literature/language arts, and math.

Our teachers encourage students to become independent scholars through instruction, group interaction, guided discussions, and individual/group projects that extend and enrich the course content.  Parents provide the home structure and any supervision the student needs to complete their assignments.  Teachers commit to help guide, support, and communicate with parents regularly, while providing a window into class activities as well as their student’s participation.

All courses meet state or national standards. High school classes are college-preparatory and can be combined with a dual credit option. All courses, content, curricula, and efforts are anchored by our Christian worldview, and are intended to honor and glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Trinity Prep is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the State of Texas.

What Sets Us Apart

Trinity Prep is the founding school for the Association of College-Style Schools®.  A College-Style School® (CSS) fulfills the mission described above in several ways that are distinct from other part-time schools with a similar schedule.

Diverse Student Body.  We believe a classical, Christian educational partnership should be available to any and all families who will commit to it.  As such, we do not pre-select our student population via intake testing.  We do conduct Initial Assessments to provide additional information for teachers.  If a student has learning differences, we have an Education Specialist available to partner with families to make appropriate modifications/accommodations as needed.  If a student is academically gifted or accelerated, we can partner with families to design supplemental studies and activities, or if appropriate, to accelerate the student’s grade level.  We have had students complete high school by age 15.  The majority of our students are typical learners, and our classical, college-prep curricula equips them well.

Collaborative Environment.   We recognize parental authority in the child’s life and, upon request, can make exceptions and modifications according to life circumstances and absences. Though permitted, these will be carefully and thoughtfully managed in collaboration with the teacher.

Subject-Specific Teachers in Upper Levels.  Unlike programs which require one adult mentor to act as a resource in all subjects for high school students, a CSS provides students with teachers who are devoted to one core subject area.  This allows our teachers to specialize in the core area for which they have in-depth passion and knowledge.