Philosophy and Structure

Trinity Prep provides families with an excellent, Christ-centered educational alternative
that is a true collaboration between home and school.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

As a College-Style School®, Trinity Prep is a private, classical, Christian K-12th school that provides two-day per week classes in the Core Program, which complement the student’s at-home studying.  Students attend one of our two-day programs, either Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday.  On the other week days, they study at home with their parents, or, for students in grades 6 and above, study independently in our Learning Lab.

Teachers engage students in the work and joy of learning together by employing class activities that extend, review, and enrich the course content.   Students become independent scholars and acquire much of the course content in their at-home studies.  Class content and curricula are aligned with classical and Christian principles.  Courses meet state or national standards for content.

The two-day Core Program offers classes in the four core subjects:  Science, History and Geography, Literature and Language Arts, and Math.  Additional enrichment and elective courses are provided in our Core Plus Program.  High school classes are college-preparatory and offer a dual credit option.

All our class content and efforts are anchored by our Christian worldview, and honor and glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Trinity Prep is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the State of Texas.

What Sets Us Apart

Trinity Prep is the founding school for the Association of College-Style Schools®.  A College-Style School® (CSS) fulfills the Mission described above in several ways that are distinct from other ‘part-time’ schools with a similar schedule.

DIVERSE Student Body.  We do not pre-select our student population via intake testing.  Intake testing has the effect of excluding poor test-takers, non-traditional learners, and essentially any student who falls outside the ‘bell curve.’  We conduct Initial Assessments to provide additional information for teachers.  If a student has learning differences, we have an Education Specialist to partner with families.  A classical, Christian educational partnership should be available to ANY and all families who will commit to it.

NO Mandatory Sports Program.   For Trinity Prep, it would be redundancy of area sports organizations to include a sports component in our program.  (Excellent team and individual sports programs are available.)  It would also require additional costs, time and staff that could be devoted elsewhere.  We invest our resources solely in our mission of offering excellent, college-preparatory, engaging academic programs for our K-12 students.

Collaborative Environment.   A CSS provides course content that meets state or national standards, including the at-home work that is vital to a complete course.  However, we recognize the authority of the parent in the child’s life.  Unlike the policy at other ‘part-time’ schools which requires students to complete assignments regardless of learning challenges, life circumstances or absences, we can make exceptions at the request of parents.  Modifications or exemptions are permitted, although we expect them to be the exception, and to be carefully and thoughtfully managed in collaboration with the teacher.

Subject-Specific Teachers in Upper Levels.  Unlike programs which require one adult Mentor to act as a resource in ALL subjects for high school students, a CSS provides students with teachers who are devoted to ONE Core Subject area.  This allows our teachers to specialize in the core area – Math, Language Arts, History or Science – for which they have passion and knowledge, and for which they can function as a more in-depth resource for our students.

How It Works

  • Students in a College-Style School® (CSS) attend classes two days/week, either Mondays and Wednesdays, OR, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Fridays are reserved for additional enrichment and elective courses available to all students.
  • Students and parents organize the at-home portion of the student’s learning and study times. Students read, research, work, write, and otherwise prepare for classes AT HOME.  Students have scheduled days at home to meet all the educational goals, although the schedule allows for flexibility according to the family’s schedule and the child’s needs.
  • A CSS is a collaborative education effort. We provide your child with part-time instruction, group interaction, guided discussions, individual and group projects, and many opportunities to learn with us and at home under your supervision. Parents provide the home structure to facilitate their students completing Trinity Prep assignments.
  • We are an affordable private school option, with annual tuition and supply fee of $3600-4000.  Enrollment fee is $350 per family, not student.  Parents should budget another $300 per student for curricula and uniform shirts (paid to vendors, not Trinity Prep).  We are the most affordable of comparable schools in this area.
  • A CSS employs trained and experienced teachers with a background in, and passion for, the subject area or age group that they teach.  In the Elementary Grades (K-5th) teachers are dedicated to an age level; in Middle School and High School Grades (6th-12th) teachers are dedicated to one of the Core subjects – Math, Science, History/Humanities, or English.
  • Teachers plan, assign, and grade at-home work.  Parents are responsible for helping the students study effectively and complete the assigned work.  We do not accept LATE work.  This policy teaches the students accountability, and facilitates the smooth processing of all graded materials, for teachers and staff.
  • Trinity Prep provides a list of required curricula and supplies.  Parents are required to purchase all needed curricula resources and supplies before the first week of school.
  • A CSS will partner with any family whose student can participate successfully in, and benefit from, a classroom environment two days per week.  To equip parents and students for a successful partnership, Trinity Prep holds two mandatory orientation events in August of each year. Family Orientation Night is when parents and students meet the teachers, view the classrooms, and become acquainted with various programs at Trinity Prep.  Parent Academy is when parents learn specifics about teacher expectations, assignments, using the curricula, policies, and communication between home and school.

In summary, a CSS facilitates a home and school partnership that provides your child a complete, classical, Christian learning environment without a large financial burden.  You, as the parent, will need to be involved, and make a time commitment, but there is nothing more rewarding than learning with your children and overseeing their training.

Summary of Trinity Prep’s Role in Your Child’s Education

  • Provide group instruction and in-class review in the core areas of math, language arts, history, and science;
  • Assign all at-home work required to complete the scope and sequence for each Core Course at each grade level;
  • Provide instruction and materials to assist parents in understanding and utilizing the curricula effectively at home with younger students;
  • Provide instruction and guidance in how to support independent at-home study, and use of the curricula, by older students;
  • Suggest optional activities and ideas to parents which enrich at-home time;
  • Provide tools and instruction to help each child develop organizational skills and group learning and interaction skills;
  • Communicate with parents regularly, to provide a window into class activities and your child’s participation.

2017-18 School Calendar and Class Schedule

View or print:  2017-18 School Calendar


  • Our school year is 34 weeks, from the third week of August to the third week of May.  We have a one-week Thanksgiving Break, a three-week Christmas Break, and a one-week Spring Break.
  • Our school day is 8:45am to 3:15pm (3pm for Grammar School).  Our day begins with Morning Chapel.

View or print: 2017-2018 Class Schedule


  • A student in middle or high school grades is considered full-time if s/he is enrolled in either four core courses, or three and one Study Hall.  While we do permit enrollment in two or three courses only, full-time students receive priority in enrollment.  If a class has openings, part-time students may enroll.  If a class is full, a waiting list is created. If six students are on the waiting list, a second section for that class is offered if space permits.
  • Students may also enroll in classes from different grade levels, if the schedule is feasible, the class has room, and the course content is appropriate for the student’s abilities.
  • Part-time students may not stay on campus during a class period when they are not enrolled in class.