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April 22, 2016

Trinity Prep: Purposely Low Tech

Trinity Prep: Purposely Low Tech

At Trinity Prep, our emphasis is NOT on placing every student in front of a screen, or sending them home with the latest in tablet technology.  And, we are quite purposeful about this.

Today’s students are the Digital Generation.  Their lives are interwoven with technology at every turn.  Teens carry a mini-computer – their smart phone – with them throughout their day. They connect with each other via snapchat, tweet, text or other apps.  Even research for a school project consists of googling for info and following where those results lead.

In short, our teens especially, but all of our children, live in a digital world.

At Trinity Prep, we want to connect them in more important ways – with each other, in real interaction.  Because our students spend two days each week with their classmates at Trinity Prep, our focus is not on providing technology during that time. The other five days of the week their lives are filled with technology.  We provide an alternative to that, in purposely low-tech classrooms that are filled instead with group interaction, group projects, discussions, debates.  Students talk to each other, with each other, and team up to meet objectives.

IRL (“in real life”) is more than a text abbreviation.  It is an important component of our children’s lives.  They need to experience community.  At Trinity Prep, we are purposeful about providing that community through an interactive learning environment – students interacting with each other, and not technology.

Leslie Kent

Upper School Director