The Round Table

The Round Table is our parent association, and its name references the Knights of the Round Table – since our school mascot is the Knights.  Our parents support our knights through various activities that align with the dual mission of the Round Table:

  • Build Community
  • Enrich the Learning Environment

In pursuit of these two goals, the Round Table hosts numerous social and service events.  Working together to serve also means we are fellowshipping and building community.

Our service projects include:

  • Welcome Back-to-School gifts for our teachers
  • Christmas Luncheon for our teachers
  • End of Year Thank you Luncheon for our teachers

And our social events include:

  • Donuts with Dad
  • Muffins with Mom
  • Thanksgiving in the Park potluck meal
  • Springtime Potluck and Bake-Off Contest
  • Mom’s Nights Out – dinner out, fellowship in homes, or craft events such as painting parties

The Round Table meets every other month at 7 pm at the school.   The Round Table seeks to make Trinity Prep more than a school with brick walls and books.  We build community and we support the learning environment for every child.  We invite you to become involved in your child’s educational journey and to develop relationships with the school staff and other parents.  Come join us!