Jenny Rosser | Finance Coordinator
April 12, 2016

Shannon Blakely has worked for Trinity Prep for six years.  She has been the Science Assistant, Lunchroom Monitor, Study Hall Monitor, Bookkeeper, and now serves as Admissions & Records Coordinator.  She is married and has three children, one who has graduated from Trinity Prep and two who are high school students.  Mrs. Blakely began homeschooling when her first child was entering the 1st grade.  She describes it as a journey in obedience.  After years of homeschooling and now partnering with Trinity Prep, she finds there is still more to learn every day.  Mrs. Blakely also volunteered for twelve years at a national non-profit organization, with eight of those years devoted to serving on the board.

Shannon also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors for Trinity Prep.

Shannon Blakely | Admissions and Records Coordinator