Trinity Prep provides a Christ-centered educational alternative
that is a true collaboration between home and school.

A Bit About Us


All of our academic, relational, and spiritual efforts are devoted to honoring Christ.


In a College-Style School™, parents aren’t just a support system; they are equal partners in educating their children.


A classical education is both broad (liberal arts) and deep.


All of our academic, relational and spiritual efforts are devoted to honoring Christ and equipping students with the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to be effective ambassadors for Him on this earth. We honor Christ as the Son of God, and as our sole hope for redemption, for a restored relationship with God, and for life eternal.
Trinity Prep begins each day with Chapel, which includes devotionals presented by students or staff, guest speakers, and worship leaders. We start every day with prayer for open hearts and minds to receive God’s equipping, direction and wisdom for the teachers and staff to serve our students in His name.


In a College-Style School, parents aren’t just a support system; they are equal partners in educating their children, in sync with Trinity Prep. Our role as the school is to select and plan curricula for at-home and in-class use; to plan worthwhile class activities that complement at-home work; and to provide additional accountability for your child, including grades for their assignments. The parents’ role is to oversee at-home study by their children and provide necessary support to facilitate their children’s mastery of the content. In younger grades, that includes teaching lessons prepared by Trinity Prep teachers. In higher grades, the child develops an increasingly independent ability to study and acquire content at home. Classroom lessons and experiences are based upon, and reinforce, the student’s acquisition of content via at-home study.
As you can see, our model is utterly dependent upon effective partnership between parents and Trinity Prep teachers and staff. Communication systems are in place to sync home and school. Education occurs when a child has a mentor or mentors; a support system; and an opportunity to practice and implement what s/he has learned. Our College-Style School partnership provides all three.


A classical education is both broad (liberal arts) and deep, both creative and systematic, and evident in both content and pedagogy. Broad in its embrace of all academic disciplines, rather than early specialization in one area. Deep in its exploration of the who/what/where/when, for the ‘how’ and the ‘why.’ Creative in exploring academic content, but mindful to teach skill areas systematically.
We ask: what we can learn about ourselves and God in studying this content? We teach world history chronologically, because it is a story; an endlessly engaging story that informs our present circumstances, when well understood. We teach skill areas of math and reading fluency systematically, in time-honored methodology. We read excellent literature that complements our history studies, tells good stories, and models quality writing to our students.
In teaching approach, the classical model recognizes both the natural learning path of Knowledge—Understanding—Wisdom, and the developmental stages of the child’s brain. Young children are sponges for Knowledge, which lays the foundation for later learning. Preteens and early teens are developing the capacity for making connections between themselves and the world around them, gaining Understanding. Teens and adults are ready to receive God’s Wisdom, based upon a foundation of Knowledge and Understanding.

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