Student Life

Student life at Trinity Prep is complemented by many options for social and extra-curricular activities.
Parent-planned Park Days – often held on Fridays, Park Days are organized by our parents, primarily for students in K through 6th.  But sometimes our older students just ‘hang out’ at a park, too.
Field Trips – Again, usually held on Fridays.  Our students last year participated in several off-campus learning experiences, including Log Cabin Village; an Astronomy activity at the Gaylord Resort; the National Weather Service (middle and high school); the Omni Theatre at FW Museum of Science and History, and more.  Both parents and teachers organize these learning opportunities for our students.
Student Council – for students 6th grade and older, we have our student service and leadership organization known as “Stuco” (STEW-co).  We encourage your students to participate; once they are in high school, they will want to add service and leadership experience to college and scholarship applications.  Stuco participation provides those.  But for all our Stuco members, participation provides great fellowship, opportunity to serve side-by-side, and lots of fun.
Field Day – for our students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, the year is capped with a May Field Day at an area park.  The highlight of last year’s Field Day was the opportunity to fling whip cream pies at some brave teachers and staff!
Classroom Parties – we are grateful for our Room Moms in K – 5th who organize wonderful parties around many calendar events. From Storybook Character Day, to Christmas parties, to Valentine’s Day activities and cookie decorating, we work a lot of community fun into our school days together.
Last but not least, our parent organization, the Round Table, also helps coordinate many activities for parents, for teachers, for students – for our entire community.  We encourage ALL parents to get involved in this important organization.

Homeschool Resources

Because Trinity Prep students attend classes two days per week, they are considered homeschooled by the state of Texas, IF a family wants to use that designation.  Many of our families come from a homeschooling background, but many come from a full-time school background and are not familiar with the homeschool designation, or community.  For those parents, using homeschool resources will be unfamiliar and new.  But these resources ARE an option and many of them provide social opportunities for both students and parents, as well as sports opportunities and field trips.  For more information on resources we can recommend from the ‘homeschool world,’ read Area Homeschooling Resources.